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Over the years, Steven Snyder has earned a reputation for achieving impressive results for growth-focused companies. Some have become worldwide industry innovation leaders; some have won prestigious awards.

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A talented strategic advisor

“Steven Snyder has worked with Wiley on a number of projects including several high-profile, high-stakes planning initiatives. Whether he is facilitating a strategic decision process with a group of seasoned executives, or leading a product development process with early-career designers and researchers, Steven brings a unique skillset that combines his distinctive formal education and past experiences as a technology business leader and entrepreneurial CEO to deliver significant, value-adding outcomes. He is a talented strategic advisor.”

A guide through uncharted and choppy water

“Steven Snyder is a truly insightful coach and a trusted advisor. He helped us hone and clarify our business model, guiding us through the uncharted and choppy waters of life sciences innovation. His intuitive grasp of complex and technical material is amazing.”

Grand Prize Winner,
Minnesota Cup, 

University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management

Ping Yeh, CEO
Minneapolis, MN

Delivered Beyond Expectations

“As part of an enterprise growth initiative, our organization, a Fortune 500 company, was tasked with launching a new division from scratch serving a new market sector. Our success was highly dependent on an ability to learn about this new market and deliver innovative solutions and business models. To be successful we had to both develop executive talent and the systems and processes that would deliver measurable results executing upon our strategic goals. Steven delivered on both measures beyond our expectations. He created immediate rapport for our work and people that enabled us to dramatically accelerate our learning process and evolve our innovation and strategic competencies as leaders and as a division. Our work with Steven has achieved results and learning that has positively influenced the entire enterprise.”

Remarkable Wisdom

Leadership and the Art of Struggle provides you with the opportunity to learn from Snyder’s remarkable wisdom and the experience of his interviewees. It is a living guide that you can return to time and time again as new situations arise”


In my book, you are the hero of August 14. Only those of us who worked with you can appreciate how much you did to get those products announced and turn around our relationship with IBM.”

Let’s talk about how your company could gain a competitive advantage with Snyder Strategic.

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